Susan Fraser

Fine Drawing

Susan Fraser was born and educated in the United States. She has been a research assistant in microbiology labs, the manager of a private botanical garden, several garden centers and has had a keen interest in biology and art throughout her life.

She hitchhiked around Europe touring galleries, museums and churches. Her art career began while living in Germany. Later she immigrated to Canada and painted commission work based on the abundance of migratory waterfowl and resident owl populations on the Ontario Flyways. A year on Vancouver Island afforded opportunities to paint orcas and  to experience the rich art culture of the west coast.

Susan now resides in the Ottawa Valley, nestled between the Ottawa River and Algonquin Park where she is frequently visited by deer, owls, wolves, moose and black bear on her acreage.

Her artwork is a result of lifelong study nature and of photography which captures her subjects in their natural state. The most intimate poses are acquired without awareness of a human presence. Susan has an amazing touch for textures, catching the velvet of the deer’s antlers and the shine of the eye.

After years of oil and acrylic painting, Susan sharpened her drawing skills with four years of drawing in graphite and charcoal. She is now making a return to color with acrylic painting and pastel drawing/painting.

Her award winning drawings and paintings are in private and corporate collections across Canada and internationally. Susan has been elected into the Society of Canadian Artists and granted Drawing Master status from the Drawing Society of Canada.  She has recently joined the East Central Ontario Artist Association and Pastel Artists Canada.

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Carol Grant

Abstract Painting

In addition to her work as a potter, Carol does abstract painting. 

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Robin Knox

Robin’s Nest Arts

Robin was born in Burlington, Ontario and growing up in a rural setting gave her an early appreciation for God’s creation and the beauty of the changing seasons.  Encouraged by her parents and art teachers to pursue drawing and painting in various mediums, she could always be found with a pencil and paper in hand.  Her love of watercolour began with an adult education class in wet and wet technique with Ontario artist Kai-Liis McInnis in the the early 1980’s.  A busy career as a lab technologist/Pastor’s wife and a young family to raise kept painting to a casual hobby for many years.

A move to Grande Cache, Alberta allowed her to join a local art club and to show and sell work regularly in their active group.  Painting weekly now she developed a definite style of loose, calligraphic, moody yet colourful landscapes.  A further move west brought her to the coast of BC and it’s varied landscapes and moods.  At the encouragement of fellow artist Peach Myers,  a small guild of amateur painters calling themselves the Easel Weasels formed.  Meeting for semi-annual workshops with various artists has given added depth and versatility to Robin’s paintings and subject material.  She loves to paint outdoors as well as from her own photo materials.  Robin now works in various mixed media and has done portraits and wildlife as well as abstract.  Her works have won several art competitions held locally and received Honorable mention in the Regional Juried Show in Kitimat. Published and awarded Honourable Mention in the National magazine The Mennonite Herald She Joined the Federation of Canadian Artists in 2018 and achieved Active Status in 2019. In 2020 she received the first ever “Outstanding Artist of the Year Award”  from The Prince Rupert Community Arts Council. With the support of local businesses Cow Bay Café, Cowpaccinos, McLean and Rudderham, Highliner Inn, Performing Arts Centre , Terrace Art gallery, the Ice House Gallery and now the Valley Artisans Gallery in Deep River.  She  has sold her works to places from west Virginia, Mexico City  to Hong Kong.

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Boni Patterson

Watercolour Painting

Boni Jaworski was born & raised in Hamilton Ontario, trained as a Registered Nurse in Guelph and then moved to Deep River, Ontario, on the shores of the majestic Ottawa River. She was instantly captivated by the pristine beauty and serenity of the Ottawa Valley and made it her home for the past 45 years.   

 Boni was employed at Atomic Energy of Canada for 30 years and retired 2 years ago to pursue her love of painting and other more personal ventures. She has always felt creative callings in many media but discovered her passion for watercolour about 20 years ago. 

Boni has studied with Warren Thurston, Jack Reid, Pauol Thrane, and Art Cunanhan. She then had the good fortune to meet and work with renown Zoltan Szabo who was to become her dear friend, teacher & mentor for 15 years. He taught her to see the beauty in all that surrounds us. He taught her to see shapes and wonderful colours, to paint with her heart, and to honor nature always.

She finds solace and fulfillment in this magical elusive media, which continues to excite & mystify her with its wonderful happy “accidents”. She says “I feel I am always just on the edge of control. The paint has a mind of it’s own and usually leads me to discover new directions. I look forward to unexpected lessons when I take risks. I love the romance of the landscapes with soft lost edges but contemporary abstracts with sweeping lines & magnificent colours also appeal to my senses.”

She has exhibited in various cafes & tearooms and is a member of the very successful, From The Valley Artisan’s Co-op in Deep River. She has been a part of several Studio Tours, and Art exhibits in Peterborough area and the Ottawa Valley and has had a solo exhibit supported by the Ontario Arts Council. Her paintings, cards and jewelry  are found in private collections across Canada, United States, Europe , South America and Asia.

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Carole Pinard


I am a French Canadian born and raised in Ottawa. The arts were very important for my parents, and when growing up I was introduced to many different types of art. I have fond memories of my first art teacher, Mrs. Partridge, who got me hooked on painting. 

I pursued my interest in the arts at the University of Ottawa and graduated with a BA in visual arts and psychology and a bachelor’s in education. After University, I continued to develop my painting on my own. I drew inspiration from Canadian landscape artists such as Tom Tompson, Jacques Poirier, and Gilles Rebry. My passion for art even worked its way into may day job as a primary school French immersion teacher; the arts were a prominent part of my lesson plans, and the children often asked me if they were doing art or math! 

Four years ago, I took some coaching from Gordon Harrison, a well-known landscape artist in Ottawa.  This led to my participation in an exhibition of landscapes “26 Brushes and 52 Hands” at the Harrison gallery on Sussex Drive. Meanwhile, I continued to draw inspiration from the countryside; the two paintings that are now at the co-op were inspired by house boat trips near Deux Rivières.

My interest in stained glass started 20 years ago. My father and I were curious, and we took an introductory workshop. I got hooked! I went on to take all the workshops I could, and I delighted in the interaction of colours and textures. Stained glass is a surprisingly versatile medium, and I have created pieces in many different genres including modern abstract, arts and crafts, prairie style and, of course, landscapes. When I lived in Ottawa, I showed my pieces at the Sienna Gallery in Rockland and at Eufloria in Gloucester. 

I enjoy doing commission work. Getting the client involved in tweaking the design and choosing the glass makes the creative process and the final product much more personal and meaningful for the client. 

Deep River has a rich and diverse artistic community, and I am looking forward to getting involved and discovering all that it has to offer.

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Linda Sitler-Howe

Drawing & Painting

Award winning artist Linda Sitler-Howe works in a number of media— acrylic, pastel (soft and oil), mono prints and mixed media. In 2010 she relocated from Waterloo, Ontario to Petawawa, between the eastern edge of Algonquin Park and the Ottawa River.

Sitler-Howe started off painting images of Waterloo Region, French River, the Bruce Trail and western Algonquin Park along the Highway 60 corridor. After moving to Petawawa, Sitler-Howe started to paint images of eastern Algonquin Park as well as the Petawawa and Ottawa Rivers.

She always enjoyed Tom Thomson’s images of the Petawawa Canyon, which is in the north-eastern part of Algonquin Park. She discovered that you get to it via Highway 17 between Deep River and North Bay and then by canoe/kayak and a couple of portages. Unlikely to canoe /kayaki n there, she has settled on painting images of the Barron Canyon instead.

In her paintings of the natural world she is interested in depicting light, atmosphere and colour and in establishing moods.

When on location she usually take photos and does some quick sketches and then interrupts these when she gets back to the studio. Frequently that means she doesn’t know exactly where the photo or drawing was done. But these paintings do reflect the natural world in all its glory from the sentinel pines on a point, to the grand rock face in Barron Canyon, to a spectacular sunset on one of the many lakes or a pleasant vista of a lake inviting her to come paddle.

When not painting the natural world realistically, Sitler-Howe experiments, mainly in acrylic, to capture the underlying essence of the subject. These abstract paintings are frequently completed in many layers of paint, sometimes with the use of mixed media.

She is currently exploring several themes. One is the idea of ambiguity and narrative; another motherly love. Sitler-Howe likes the idea of viewers being able to see several things in her work, to see beneath the surface, and thus come up with their own stories. The images in these series are more expressionistic and abstract than the images that depict the natural world.

Sitler-Howe also does house, cottage and pet portraits mainly using pastels and has received numerous commissions in these areas. As well she paints what she calls “Life Stories” reflecting elements from a person’s and/or family life.

She has exhibited in numerous juried exhibitions, group shows and solo exhibitions. She has won numerous awards including Best in Show and several juror’s choice awards. Her work can be found in private collections in Canada, United States and Great Britain.

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Rose Stewart

Drawing & Painting

Rose Stewart is a Mishkeegogamang First Nation band member from North Western Ontario who moved to the Ottawa Valley with her parents in 2017.

Rose is a young self taught artist with a unique flair for art.