Cindy Barrington

Heidi ‘n’ Me Soapery

I bought my first goat, Heidi, as a young pregnant doe in 2015. She soon gave birth to twins, a beautiful little doeling and buckling. Once they were old enough to share their milk with me, my adventures in goat milk began.

I have used Heidi’s milk to make cheese, yogurt, ice cream and other delectable eats! But then I made my first batch of goat’s milk soap and I was hooked on this artisan craft.

Fresh goat’s milk is one of Mother Nature’s most nurturing ingredients. It has been used in skin care for centuries and is best known for its superior moisturizing properties.

I combine it with natural oils like olive oil and sunflower oil.

Some of my soap collections might contain other special ingredients such as awesome fragrance oils, cocoa and shea butters, essential oils, or activated charcoal.

I also have a line of completely natural soaps that are fragrance and colorant free.

I invite you to try a bar of my soap and compare it to the detergent based soaps the big stores sell. Your skin will thank you for it!!  

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Diane Bossé

The scented bohemian

the scented bohemian is a premium, small batch skin care line free from synthetic and artificial ingredients.  We’re on a mission to help choosy people with sensitive and/or aging skin get their glow back and keep it. 

Several years ago, I developed a facial serum that changed my skin so drastically, I stopped using foundation.  After only six months of use, I had a more even-skin tone, fine lines and pores were less visible and age spots were fading.  When people started asking where they could get this genie in a bottle, I was compelled to share it and launched soon after.

Our scrupulously curated formulas are backed by research and my nearly 40 years of expertise.  All our products begin with mindfully selected, high-quality, non-comedogenic organic oils and ethically sourced botanicals that support the health, texture, and integrity of the skin. 

These oils and herbs are combined into infusions that steep for weeks.  This method extracts the most beneficial skin loving nutrients from the ingredients which in turn pack our finished products with natural, highly effective wholesomeness.

Not only is our line gentler on your skin than synthetic skincare products, it’s safer.  Commercially made cosmetics can contain thousands of potentially harmful chemicals that can enter our body through skin and inhalation, affecting our overall health and well-being. 

Cosmetic regulations require small businesses like mine to register our products and list each and every ingredient on our labels.  Commercial cosmetic companies are not held to the same strict rules.  Reading their labels, you’ll often see ‘fragrance’ or ‘proprietary ingredients’ listed but a breakdown of these is not provided, even though one fragrance, or one single scent, can contain 50 to 300 distinct chemicals. 

We believe skin care should be simple and toxin-free.  We also believe that effective skin care should be readily accessible and affordable to everyone. Our customers believe this too.  In the last four years, we’ve worked hard to build a strong, loyal customer base.  We pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations and delivering consistently great products and customer service.

Find us at the Valley Artisans’ Coop     

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Joshua Mayo

Staying Clean Soap & Candle Company

Joshua joined the Coop in 2023.

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